Katie Crawford


Katie Crawford

Ascend, Denver, CO

Graphic Designer

Katie was born in Auburn, New York, and raised in Orlando, Florida. She spent most of her youth in theatre and almost went to school for costume design. Instead, she finished her A.A. at Valencia College in 2013 then began her studies at the University of Central Florida where she majored in Graphic Design.

During her time in college, Katie was President of the Graphic Design Student Association, participated in AIGA Orlando’s Mentorship program, and worked for Design Group on campus. Upon graduation, Katie became a board Member for AIGA Orlando.

After realizing that Orlando wasn’t the place for her career, Katie decided to move to Denver to embark on her new adventure as a Graphic Designer at Ascend. Shortly after moving to Colorado, Katie helped plan the 2017 Gala for AIGA CO. When Katie is off the clock, she loves dining around Denver, making puns, gaming, or playing with her cat, Tristan.