Entry Checklist

American Advertising Awards Entry Checklist

Are you really ready?

Are you really ready for Call for Entries? Make sure you thoroughly review the complete rules and categories to be sure that your entries will meet the requirements of the competition. Incorrect or incomplete entries will be disqualified.

To help make sure your hard work is competition ready, here are a few things to look out for that we’ve noticed get missed sometimes:

  • Did you select the correct category for your entry? We understand that this can be a tough one. If you are struggling with selecting the category, email saf@aafspokane.com for assistance by January 11th. Categories can NOT be reselected or changed at the Call for Entries party.
  • Did you print TWO copies of your entry form for each entry?
    • If you are using a transparent envelope, both copies will go inside the envelope with your entry.
    • If you are using a manila envelope, one copy will be glued to the exterior of the envelope, and the other will be placed inside the envelope with the entry.
  • Have your taped or glued your entry number to the back of every piece in your entry? Yes, it has to be on there in order to be judged. Even if you feel like it ruins the aesthetic of your piece.
  • Did you print and sign a copy of your Entry Manifest? That signed document will need to be delivered at Call for Entries along with your entries.
  • Got Digital? Digital entries do not require a physical version of the entry, but we still do require that you turn in your printed and signed manifest by the entry deadline.
  • Do you know your deadlines?
    • Entries submitted prior to or by 11:59pm January 13th will be considered on time entries. If an entry is submitted prior to January 13th but the submitter is unable to drop off the physical entry at the drop off party, they have until 5pm January 20th to get the physical entry dropped off. 

    • Anything entered between 11:59pm on January 13th and 5pm January 20th will be subject to a $15 late fee.

    • Entries can be brought to the Call for Entries party on January 13th, or delivered to our Executive Director by January 20 at 5pm. Entries can be dropped off at Klündt Hosmer at 216 W. Pacific Ave, Suite 201, Spokane, Washington 99201.

    • Late entries, received after 5pm on January 20th, will not be accepted.

Remember incorrect and incomplete entries are disqualified from competition and will not receive a refund of any entry fees. This checklist is a supplement and does not replace the complete Rules and Categories.

More of a visual learner? Check out Figures 1 and 2 for a little more guidance. (see below)